Multipurpose Nonstick pot Saucepan Stone Coating With Glass Lid, Soup Pan Stock Pot Pasta Pot Milk Pan with Bakelite Handle

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  • Size : 7cm Height x (16cm  & 18cm) Width 
  • GRANITUM & STAINLESS STEEL SAUCE POT - Our s cooking pots with lids are made of aluminum our small saucepan has an ergonomic fit in hand, heat resistance on the stove, and a lovely shine all the time. The body of our ceramic cooking pot is the strongest nonstick option that resists scratches or abrasions with any utensils so your nonstick pot STAYS a nonstick pot for years without chipping.
  • NATURALLY NONSTICK CERAMIC SAUCEPAN - Stop worrying about what you stir the sauce pot with! Our cooking pots with lids have a naturally luxurious green hue with scratch-resistant strength. Use any utensil -including metal - on your non stick pot without damage. In-action, your new favorite small saucepan pours food right out of its spouted edge with no sticking for simple serving and super fast clean-up. Plus, all our cooking pots with lids are dishwasher safe for stress-free clean up!
  • EASY TO USE - With stainless steel handles contoured to fit your hands, our nonstick pot is simple to stir & wipe, while the durability takes away the stress of damaging your favorite saucepan with lid. Better yet, the lightweight build never strains your wrists! Use nylon, wood, or even metal utensils on the non stick pot interior for a simplified cooking experience. With a heat-safe body, you can always finish recipes in the oven or broiler up to 600°F with this ceramic cooking pot.
  • STYLE & SUBSTANCE - Even from the back burner, this ceramic cooking pot is the star of the show with a textured, emerald green exterior and shiny stainless steel handles. The same Granitum that makes this nonstick pot the smoothest & strongest nonstick pot on the market, gives it a speckled, stoneware texture that was born to be hashtagged #homechef on Instagram. Plus, with it's flat bottom build, use this saucepan with lid on gas, electric, or induction stovetops alike to keep showing it off.

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